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In the excruciating journey of awakening
my man is my touch point
and my touch point is deep inside me

When I am so very ecstatic with excitement and creative ideas
that the tap of inspiration is blasting full ball and
wont stop

when I wake at 2am with downloads for my business

when a friend calls me to listen more
coz in my great eager fervor
to run for
the kingdom of
the Gods

I’ve crushed a little flower by the wayside and his feelings are hurting

and now walls are colliding in

Yet sunlight streams through ecstatically

in this great opening
great birthing

And I tell myself that its hard to make mistakes

but that when I allow myself to feel the feelings of my little falls
from my heart to others.

In the excruciating journey of awakening
my man is my touch point
as he pounds into me

in the night and day
and between lunch and dinner
as he catches me on the way from
desktop to cup of tea
(yay for home office, lets do that more!)

In this excruciating journey of awakening
so often I have
cried an inner voice
mid love making
a forlorn, dying, birthing voice

In all my excitement I had forgotten to listen to it and now it cries to the Gods as he enters me

“Im sorry.
I lost my way
I stopped breathing
I got excited
I left by body
I was human
I RAN for the goals
and crushed but one single
flower in the ecology of my tender heart”

When I make love I remember (because it is impossible to be in a state of sexual ecstasy AND also be off track from our true soul purpose – in my experience, tell me what you think!)

When I make love I remember

The divine lover in my husband calls me HOME

In the excruciating journey of awakening.

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