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Q1) How does your heart guide your business?

It was my heart that originally recognised the need for my particular type of business, to create a public speaking program which empowered kids to be themselves, and speak from their own sense of self.

I feel the that heart and mind work simultaneously, we speak best when we allow the heart to talk through our mind. The goal of Yellow Lantern is guide young people to develop their iwn unique pathways to join the two. The result is that you are literally lit up, like a lantern!

Since we started in 2014, my business has grown steadily. We get inquiries from parents all over the world. Last year I launched a global ‘club model’ which allows people to start their own after-school clubs using our training template. It has been been incredible to witness its rapid growth. Inside Australia, the work we do in schools is a slow growth model as we have to be patient with new bookings as schools scramble to fit us in to their annual budgets. Once our program is in a school curriculum we find teachers are incredibly enthusiastic, students are transformed and parents are often delighted to the point of tears.

Q2) What insight would you offer someone who is just stepping into living their passion?

My advice is “Don’t drop the practice of what keeps you feeling enlivened”

For example, I have always had a passion for acting. When I started my business, I found that I was substituting my passion for acting, with professional speaking.

However, five years down the track, after I had exercised my love of public speaking to its max capacity, I still had a feeling that I was somehow lacking in the quality of that which truly lights me up.

I have just recently returned to acting and I am noticing how it has affected the entire quality of my personal and business life.

So my advice is, even when its busy, never substitute practising our passion for business related activities.

We sometimes think of our playtime as an ‘extra’ curricular activity, but it is not extra, it is primary. It’s where we gain the fuel and the spark that lights up everything we do.

Interview with Natalie Brewer (Founder of Yellow Lantern -Australia’s favorite national public speaking program for kids). We are very privileged to have this spunky, light filled business woman guest speak with us later in the year at ‘Create, Uplift, Empower’.

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