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Tania lives for the moment where the whole room seems to enter a new realm together, because someone has just spoken a truth from a place of deep passion. She teaches people to find these words, this moment of unified heartbeat, the moments where true expression reaches and transforms a group.

‘Create, Uplift, Empower’ and ‘Spoken Heart’

These events provide a luscious safe space for discovering your heart voice. We cultivate an audience which is unconditionally encouraging and accepting. This is a space where we get to express where we are really at, to group who are practicing unconditional acceptance.

Some Testimonials

“As a first timer, I didn’t really know what to expect but it went beyond any expectations. It felt so good spending quality time sharing soul intimacy with like-minded humans. It quickly felt like a loving family gathering, comfortable and pleasant!” David Delvalle

“Tania, what a wonderful evening, thank you. I entered the spoken heart space on my own, alone. I left it feeling connected to universal oneness. It seems that my struggle in life is a human one, not an individual one. Thanks for providing the wonderful space and for leading me back to that insight! ” Ian Richardson

“Spoken Heart has been such a life changing experience for me. Such a sweet, nurturing, safe and sacred space. Each time I attend I feel like I’m opening into more and more ability to express my true self, my heart, my being.” Katie Rose

More Testimonials

“A truly memorable event of heartfelt emotion and hopefulness. I felt so peaceful after we shared that I realised if I was to die then and there, I would be happy!’ Grant Anthony

“It was such an honour to be held and witnessed by this gorgeous bunch of humans. Thank you for creating such a safe and healing space” Kiri Bear

“This was amazing” Phillip Knight

“Thank you so much for organising and allowing us to gather all together under your lead!! Your energy is so incredible, touching and very pure, this was a great pleasure to explore, listen and speak about our inner souls.” David Delvalle

“Thanks for the beautiful night everyone, was an honour to share the space with you all, can’t wait for the next one! Such a refreshing change of pace to be able to listen to the reality of another individual’s experience.” Roland Fraval

“Still high on the vibes from last night’s lushness. The general acknowledgement of ‘need’ for these opportunities to surrender in a group like we all did is sitting forefront for me today” Dominic Mckay

“Thank you! Best Tuesday night of the whole year” Carmel Hussey

The Spoken Heart Team

Spoken Heart Team

“Speaking, in a supported environment, is a way we can lift the lid off on the ground breaking force of passion that lives within us”

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