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A week ago I reached a cross roads mid love making.

My man opened a door in my heart and again I saw
that if I wanted to fully meet him, meet the divine
I would have to relinquish, my heady crazy AGENDA
In order to truly meet his soul
all souls
the divine and my purpose all in one
I had to again say to my own God, the master of life
‘Im sorry’
‘I was wrong’
‘I left the heart of the divine to pursue my own to do list’
And the only way through that door (to you the God of life or whatever you want to call it)
was to say YES
the goals life calls for in me
So from that day
I changed my relationship to my to do list
Its still there, it still gets full, but with less things, and less of the less crucial things
I choose to no longer be bound to it
And I actively set it aside
to pursue only two goals each day
(and funnily enough the to do list seems to get more easily done anyway)
 I set them first thing or when I am in a heightened state
I call them ‘soul goals’
I ask my soul, what are the two most important things you want me to do today, to grow into my dream path of sustaining myself from my passion?
And the answer that comes back to me,
that’s what I do.
So I’d like to invite anyone here to state their soul goals for the day
the procrastination free, direct route our soul envisions
for us to grow into our offering
(why did I pick ‘two daily soul goals’? Dunno I think sometimes two potent goals, is what we can comfortably fit into an already busy life whilst staying in an embodied, blissful state)
Mine for the day are:
  1. write and write and write and love
  2. enjoy being deeply present in all truth and heart, to my man, my coach and my clients today 🙂

p.s. If you wanna set some soul goals among friends, take a look at our ‘Birth Your Passion for Sensitive Souls‘ page

Or shoot me a message if you’re not in Melbourne, so you can be part of online creations to come 🙂

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