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I think that the 5 day work week kills families. Actually I think that ‘work’ kills creativity and yummyness. In kids, in grown ups, in families.

Days when sleep is sexier than sex. Days when the kids think about homework before and after school (and between that and their prized ‘screen time’ you have a hard time getting them to play and be in their bliss.)

I had to wait till I was 26 to start unschooling myself. Till I realised that following my own curriculum in the area of my passion was the only thing that mattered.

And now my child comes home telling me that he has to sit in at lunchtime for every minute he spends in the toilet during class. He comes home with the word ‘Dissapointing’ on his spelling test result and having to re-write out the incorrect words in his home time.

I fucking cry tears over the fact that he is starting down the same channel, that I had to work 37 years to get myself out of.

This is what now inspires me to learn to live my passion.

I may be a whole lot older.

It may be hard to ‘unschool myself’ (because I’m not a kid anymore, and I have to find time to follow the opportunities which child hood should have given me, to find and learn my unique passion, in between being a parent and providing income for my family).

But I will do it. And I can’t imagine wanting to do anything else, EVER AGAIN.

And some how for me, love making is part of it.

I feel that sex in a healthy relationship can be like a ‘perpetual motion battery’ which can power us out of the mundane and towards our passion.

But first to balance the work hours. Or work out some temporary ‘hack’s to create more time amidst the busyness.

This is all I want to do for the rest of my life (and I can’t imagine ever agreeing to anything else)

To participate in the great unschooling of the world

Towards living our harmonious passion.

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