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Its like there is such a thing as a ‘spiritual realisation orgasm’. I’m not sure whether one leads to the other, or the other leads to the one…

But it seems that…. mid sex… orgasms, and inspired thoughts seem to be very specifically connected. Anyone else noticed this?

It’s not that I’m actively banging about trying to think of enlightened thoughts in order to orgasm, I’m not. But I have noticed, that as a thought occurs to me which is particularly ‘hot’ for my soul, my being seems to say ‘Yes, that’s it, you’re on!’ by creeping up and sealing the deal with an orgasm.

Today it ‘came’ when I, layer after layer, gradually put down my frivolous worrying and internally said to myself ‘all right, I promise I’ll just listen to the one next step that feels right’.

‘I promise to just listen to the one next step.’
‘In each moment’

bang it crept up on me

I automatically found myself committing more deeply, in this thought, this act of devotion

and then there it was

a kalaidescope of pleasureful ecstacy cascading over. Enveloping me

I, looking in his eyes

my soul saying ‘yes, you’re on point, a loud loud screaming yes’

we are
I am

This is how we can use sex to find our soul alignment.

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