In Sensitive Souls

Sensitivity is beautiful, When I feel vulnerable or tender, it is because I am connected to my real self, my true hopes and dreams. I love my tenderness, because it means I am connected to the unique flowers which spring from my soul. I will not trample these by deferring to an extrovert ideal!

I have not always done so, but I now claim my sensitive, tender ways as utterly valid.
I see that they are a tool, a medicine, which can bring forth a receptivity which is much needed by this world.

A receptivity to the quiet call of nature, a receptivity to the quiet calls within our souls.

Not only do I claim sensitivity as valid for me personally,
I claim it for the world
as a medicine for businesses, families, schools and friends alike
I will play the business game
the social game
the learning game
the creative game

my tender way

not your way
but mine

because when I do so,
I bring hope to those who need it
and resources to parched areas which have been overlooked by our busy outcome focussed society

And so now, I step out
flanked by brothers and sisters who stand with me in sensitivity

bringing the gifts of my inner realms
as an empowered
entrepreneur, mother, father, teacher

showering armfuls of rewards

to those areas of this earthly realm

that have long needed it
I bring myself

I bring me

I bring it my way

  • Kate

    So true. How often do hear children criticised: “she’s too sensitive!”, “he needs to build more resilience!” Perhaps sensitivity is not the problem. Perhaps, as a world, we are too harsh, too demanding, too fast moving?

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