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I’m so lucky, I have a really great teacher of entrepreneurialism,
and today I asked her
‘How do I increase web traffic to my budding projects?’

She answered “See how the river flows en-masse with fullness and reliability? It’s like you’ve been trying to gather a few drops, on pockets of dry land.

And listen to my laws
on quenching great thirsts.
Where are the great masses of people already asking, seeking, for your special, unique type of love?

See where they gather and drink already now,
existing blogs,
go to where the flow already is, and let them know that they can drink also from you.
Stop trying to gather a few small droplets.

And another thing,
If you do want to work with the random fray of social media, crossing this way and that, then create little containers of quiet pools where thirsts can be reliably quenched.

I like you idea of creating private groups, learning circles, where people can quench particular thirsts.
See how nature can trap and store water to make a landscape abundant?”

I really do have a GREAT teacher, and I intend to learn from her every day.

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