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Regular sex is the bread and butter,
shared morning muffly bed warmth is the woozy chicken soup

but exploratory growthful play is like the gold

the crystal wine

which keeps excitement in the relationship

when we’re first drunk on the giddy feeling of love, this comes easily

the very meeting of two new energies, man and woman afresh

raises fresh parts of our souls to the surface

as if we were reaching into Gods great well of experience itself

and heaping the nectar into our shared delight.

And yet over time

as our interaction becomes more about everyday necessities

this nectar can slowly become watered down

regular sex is like the bread and butter,

and companionable friendship is like snoozy chicken soup

but those moments

that we find

between swatting down urgent kid matters

and paving through the workplaces pressing demands

the moments when stand like two giggling children hand in hand

and ask ‘what do we want to do next?’

(doesnt matter whether this leads to kinky wierd shit or a single moment of conscious fresh choice of action)
those moments are like the gold

that small question,

from which all excitement has ever arisen

‘what does my soul want to do now?’

those few hours we find to do this

that one breath

that single witnessed step that is taken

out of conscious excited choice

is worth more towards bringing life into the relationship

than 1000 hours of



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