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Q1) How do you let your heart guide your business?

I used to be very strategic in how I approached my business. I was very structured and goal oriented and did achieve many things during this time, which included appearing on radio and TV. However, over the years I began to realise that this way of working was making me unhappy, because I was somehow ‘forcing’ things.

About 18 months ago this all came to a crunch for me. I decided that I couldn’t operate in this ‘highly structured, goal oriented’ way any more. If the stereotypical, successful business person is a type A personality (i.e. hard working, driven, extroverted) then I feel I am more of a ‘type Z’ personality, not as linearly motivated, and introverted.

I had thought that I needed to become like the stereotypical business person in order to do well, but now I realise that I don’t actually need to.
Now I run my business a lot more intuitively. I start a project by setting a strong, crystal clear intention, I get excited about it and do whatever comes into my head. However instead of then strategically launching into my plan, I let things emerge a little more organically. I’m finding that this is a much more effective way of drawing the right people to me.

When it comes to my creativity, I find that I have been more effective since I have begun implementing this new approach, because my head is clearer and I am a lot more at ease. And in financial terms, I am at least making the same amount, if not more.

Q2 What insight would you offer those who are stepping into living their passion?

I suppose I had already started to cover this in my first answer.

In short I would reassure people that, they can be themselves and find effective ways to run their businesses, which align with their unique personality.

Phil will be speaking for Create, Uplift, Empower later in the year.

Phil is a Renowned Speaker, Author and Mentor and has 24 years’ experience working with many organisations both large and small. Phil has written and published 3 books as well as producing other professional and personal development products. We are very lucky to have Phil come and teach us a little about ‘speaking with fun and confidence’ at one of our upcoming ‘Create, Uplift, Empower’ events.

If you would like to find out more about Phil and the services and products he offers you can visit his website at

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