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Today I asked Scott Fry from Loving Earth for some of his wisdom on how to successfully start a business. (For those of you who don’t know, Scott founded ‘Loving Earth’ ten years ago, which is now a highly successful company which brings lovingly cultivated ingredients into health food stores across Australia, and soon to be also the UK and US)

Scott has been an enthusiastic support of ‘Create, Uplift, Empower’ since the idea first birthed in me (and he tells a fantastic story by the way) so we are very lucky to have him as one of our future guest presenters.

Q1) How does your heart guide your business?

I’m quite intuitive when it comes to my decision making. When I create anything, I begin by getting very clear on my vision.
I really work on trying to get to the essence of what it is I am creating

I find the feelings that go with the vision,
I articulate it
I visualise scenes
I articulate intentions.
Its more than a vision, its a feeling, its a sense of what I’m creating on a ‘whole being’ level.

Over the years I have realised that it is far more effective to create from this level, than from the mental level.

For example, In the car on the way to work, I may be aware of the various things I need to attend to that day, a delicate HR issue, a piece of equipment not working, etc. In the past I would have been going over all these things in my mind, thrashing out the problems (kind of the way a tenacious dog might thrash a toy). I used to think I needed to mentally understand every angle in order to find a way forward.

Now I realise that I am actually much more effective, if I put the mental level of a problem aside and come back to the original vision, the feeling of what I am creating. I find that challenges are much easier to navigate from this level.

Things used to get on top of me a lot more, which would then also affect the energy of the people around me, all in all it took a lot of energy. Stuff always goes wrong, this is unavoidable, nowadays I am a lot better at navigating through this.

There’s a lot of reprogramming I’m doing in myself on this… and its still a work in progress, but I am learning how to put the mind chatter aside, which then allows my creations to come from a much more integrated level.

2) How does this apply to someone who is just starting to step into their passion. Are you saying that we can just meditate, and vision, and that everything will flow easily from there?

Don’t get me wrong I still work very hard, Its just that I’ve got a lot more energy when I create in this integrated way, and I have a lot more fun!

Running a business is still a lot of work, especially the first stage of starting a business. It is hard, its like a labour process, you really have to dig deep to get it working.

If I were to offer some advice to people just starting out I would say the following:

‘Dig deep into finding what you are passionate about. Let yourself go all the way down that rabbit hole of discovering what your unique offering is. Work effectively from this space and your creations will birth from there.’

We are very lucky to have Scott presenting at one of our ‘Create, Uplift, Empower’ sessions later in the year.

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