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I have been asked a couple of times for advice on how to manage the sometimes excruciating journey of ‘social media marketing’ and I have sooo much to say…
Firstly about how it can seem really hard and overwhelming marketing oneself especially when we are of a more tender hearted, introverted nature (I am the first to know this!!). AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, about how the gems forged in introversion are soo very valuable to society that DESPITE IT FEELING EXCRUCIATING to put our passion out there, it is UTTERLY WORTH IT and even NECESSARY that we start to shine and enjoy of expressing our gifts!!! (and also start to enjoy the monetary rewards so we can begin to make it our main work).
I really believe that the gems forged in the silo of introversion are often of such breathtaking, soul changing beauty, that they are ESSENTIAL for transcending our culture from its existing, overly competitive, overly McDonalised, business structures.
And finally,  I believe there is a new form of entrepreneurial-ism which is about, finding our essence, our state of love, our state of heart open giving FIRST, and THEN sitting down at the computer. That there is a form of entrepreneurial-ism where we recognize that we are most effective at giving our soul gifts, when our first commitment is always to experience that embodied state of our essence first, BEFORE doing the practical work.

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