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What is it that has enabled companies like ‘Loving Earth’, ‘Peninsula Hot Springs’,

‘Ausmumpreneur’ and ‘Terra Madre’ to navigate the pitfalls of entrepreneurship and create viable

businesses aligned with their vision?

I’m finding out that the people who started these successful ( and also passion focussed)

companies, actually dealt with the same pitfalls as all of us budding entrepreneurs do; burning out,

selling out, overwhelm of ideas, etc, etc ad infinitum. AND I’M FINDING OUT THAT THERE’S



The other day I was talking with Scott Fry (founder of Loving Earth) and hi clarity and insight on

the very issues I was facing in that moment, amazed me. (Actually his clarity and insight was no

more amazing that what I experience in many beautiful friends, however, I’ve somehow lived with

an assumption that ‘successful business people’ end up just getting there by adopting crass business

growth strategies plastered all over the entrepreneurial internet). I know, wakey, wakey Tania,

there is actually a world of successful AND conscious entrepreneurs out there!

So anyway, I swear he could have saved me an extra year of stuffing around, by helping give some

context to the wild and almost manic journey of riding passion.

So here I am, I’ve just had a night of being excited and awake with this new element to a burning

business idea of mine. And I’m full of passion, and he’s supportive and enthusiastic and even

helpful. Helpful? This is a lovely little boost to my self confidence, cool, someone who has

actually succeeded at this stuff is interested in supporting one of my new ideas!

What I really liked was the articulate understanding he had of the navigation from the deep and

giddy realm of inspiration, to the necessary integration into the real world.

He spoke about how the oscillation between ‘passionate idea birthing’ and ‘integration’ was almost

similar to the shamanic journey. ‘You have to go there, get excited, find the edges, and then you

need to bring that back, allow the ideas to simmer and ferment’.

I think that it’s the cross over between these two worlds where many business ideas get lost and

turn from a genuine passion about Pizza, to a mega fast food conglomorate, Aaaaah!

There’s something that happens when we go al the way to that edge and find the exciting idea that

ABSOLUTELY turns our soul on. Somehow in that moment, the ego goes a bit nuts, and things

can go a little haywire as we try to squeeze this ecstatic experience back into everyday life.

What I mean is, on the one hand, the soul has gone

‘BING. Hello. I’m actually super turned on for once in my life. I’ve actually found something that

gives me life, something aligned with my true purpose! (And this is why I’m now giddy and can’t

stop jumping up and down as I’m on the phone to you this morning sir Scott).

And that excitement bout finding purpose is all well and good, until the ego chimes in with

something like

‘Oh my F#%*ing God, I’ve been dragged around your mundane worklife for all my life and you’ve

finally found something that turns me on! Well, you know what? I’m never going to let you forget

this! In fact I’m so afraid that you’ll forget this idea before the morning that I’m not going to let you

sleep until you’ve worked it ALL out. I’M GOING TO KEEP YOU AWAKE ALL NIGHT.’

And then in addition to all that, my ego’s vulnerability kicks in ( I was never aware of this at first,

but somehow after the height of excitement, the height of vulnerability seems to set in soon after)

and somehow this vulnerability seems to drive the revolving thoughts even more manically. There

is somehow an underlying fear that, now that I’ve finally found something I really want to do, I

still might not get it right. And so my mind tries to keep me awake, with all of the ideas, the why

for’s and hows, of what I can do, and in what order, for the next SIX YEARS, down to what

appointment I have to put in my google calendar by SIX A.M.

And I know that this midnight process has somehow shifted from inspired to just a little manic.

And I try everything from berating myself for thinking too much, to making love in order to help

me be more connected to my body (beautiful husband happily obliges). I even try some intense

breathing meditation (A Breathwork meditation which involves breathing in and out rapidly and

randomly until the mind lets go of thinking and I succeed in feeling a little more present in my

body). And all of these things work a little, but giddy grip, the alluring promise of a business that

might actually make me happy is strong (ooh, there’s a clue, trying to DO anything to ‘make myself

happy’ is always a bad idea as happiness is about BEING not doing). Either way, the grip towards

this giddy, alluring and highly aligned idea is strong and still proves to keep me up all night.

And despite all its pitfalls my creative flow is a great thing! Many wonderful pieces and

inspirations were birthed that night, alongside a whole lot of crap that I obsessed about and was

entirely off target.

For example, its a little bit embarrassing, but at around 3a.m. I’d decided that I’d finally come up

with the right business name (and was almost going to get up and buy the dot com!). Why was the

name that I’d decided on at 3am embarrasing? Because when I later thought about it, I saw that I

had completely sold out and lost alignment with my vision. At that moment I thought that ‘Passion

Powered’ was a brilliant idea. And I’m sure it is a great name, but it doesn’t match who

I am or what I care about (my core vision is much more focussed on enabling a lifestyle authentic

to your greatest gifts, than it is about being focussed on profits). Fear had kicked in, and my

aspiration for helping people genuinely stay connected to their passion had gone off track (quite


But I really appreciated Scott’s gentle guidance in our phone discussion the next morning. He said

‘I like to meditate, [in order to find clarity in my ideas]. I focus a lot on creating intentions’. He

spoke about how it was both OK, and important to immerse oneself all the way in passion and

excitement, and how it was also quite an art form coming back from that with useful next steps.

McDonalds empire avoided, Tania has come back to her passion once more! She obediently went

out into nature (her favorite spot to meditate) and began to pain what the essence of ‘Spoken Heart’

looks like (also a favorite way of meditating).

And once I’d done that, fear inspired business names like ‘Passion Powered Profits’ dropped away

with great clarity. And soon after that I found a name which was aligned with the true essence of

the original idea that had turned me on. (And maybe this new name makes slightly less sense

according to some marketing text books, but it actually represents my true offering, hallelujah!

And I think it is viable. And that is something I’m going to have energy for, ongoing.

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