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Both wake me up 2am in the morning. Both get me excited about helping make the world a better place. One of them feels like waking up in an expansive landscape with birds, sky and sun dancing and exalting a morning song.

The other feels like a frenzied addictive swarm of thoughts, desperate to get on the page.

Yesterday I went to the river behind my house (normally she is a stream) to ask her how to deal with my frenzied thoughts.

She said, see how much excitement & rain downpour frenzy I carry?

Be like the banks!

Have all the thoughts rushing through you at electric speed, but dont chase after them like a puppy dog in the field, or you will tire yourself out.

What is good is already written in your landscape by the hand of the divine.

Be like the banks, hold and allow things to grow from this potent energy. But dont chase it, or your spirit, your inner landscape will erode away.

Thats when I wake tired, when I chase thoughts.

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