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Does anyone else feel like they always seem to be ‘just at the beginning’ compared to everyone around them? No matter how fervently we go beyond beyond, to strive for growth, somehow still often feeling like we’re the new kid on the block, just starting our business, just starting to express ourselves in a new way, when others around us are all already doing wonderful things.

In all reality, if people really knew the inner mountains we all moved through to get to where we are, we would deserve NEVER ENDING PROSTRATING ACCOLADES!!!

Nevertheless, life often seems to feel a little like climbing to the top of a CANYON
of self doubt
and then arriving to see EVERYONE ELSE casually sipping tea as if they’ve ALWAYS BEEN AMAZING , and ‘why have you never arrived here before?’

When we give life our everything, shed our old skins and go beyond beyond to strive for growth, then we start to resonate with the next level of self development junkies or entrepreneurs, at least some of whom, have been kicking around at this new resonance level for SOME TIME.

And even if they haven’t, they are probably so anxious for approval (like we are) and to try and work out how the hell one makes a business out of DOING THE ONLY THING WE LOVE (COZ, I’m NEVER going back to doing anything other than that, EVER AGAIN!!!) that they are going to spend at least some of their time telling you of the great event/workshop/ milestone they have just achieved or started.

I don’t know about you but, for someone as sensitive as me, having people constantly SHINE so very brightly has often been enough for me to VOLUNTARILY put my light under a bucket and forget, even to myself, (I mean literally forget, whoosh, its out of my head and I’m back in a minor ‘life anxiety’ predicament) this great new idea I had of what I wanted to do in the world!

And now I realise just how much I am starting to perpetuate the same cycle in my eagerness to work out how to start a business to support my family by doing THE ONLY THING I LOVE NOW AND FOREVER MORE, (and you can get stuffed if you try to tell me to do anything else!)

So I think it really IS a social phenomenon, to always feel like you are at the beginning. The everyday life of a personal growth addict is a constant process of arriving in a slightly new crew who it always seems have been here, like, FOR EVER! But we never really realise that the crew around us are shifting to match us, and so often have no measure of the ENOURMOUS LEVEL of acknowledgement we SHOULD BE GIVING OURSELVES just for getting there from where we were!!!!!

I think that’s why we sometimes get so anxious, directionless and overwhelmed when we are starting a business.

The truth is that when we need it most, that first seedling idea of change when we are sitting at the corporate desk, that first little step, that at this point the feedback is often the most sparse and far between. (And we’re lucky if its even feedback, usually it’s criticism from startled friends who don’t want you to accidentally nudge them out of their comfort zone with your little spark of enthusiasm!)

It’s only when we’ve built an ecosystem, a lover, a family, encouraging friends who have energy to give, when we’re in an established forest where the soil is nourishing and dense, that we start to really get the kind of support we need in order to spur us on.

I think it’s all about creating that ECOSYSTEM OF HEART all around us – those friends and family who see us and help us bring out our light.

And when its not there yet, putting down that ‘tap root’ down good and strong and giving ourselves time to align with what energises us until we grow into our new ecosystem.


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