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I can’t remember the first time I knew I wanted to teach.
Actually maybe I can

my poor 5 year old brother was always complaining that the only game I wanted to play was ‘teachers and students’

I can’t remember the first time I knew I wanted to teach
Actually maybe I can

I used to stray behind and pretend to teach the seagulls when my childhood family went for ocean walks.

You know that moment…. When you do something

and regardless of all the life that has come before
and all the life that lies ahead

you know you are in the perfect moment,

of alignment

a moment which you probably already probably knew of before you could talk

This happened to me the other day when I was facilitating a workshop

This precious moment
between breath
and twist of forefinger

when for an instant all was still

and I knew that the meditative state
induced in this room full of glorious meetup crew

was my home

my place in the world

That’s all I want

to be an instrument in helping people find their passion, their vision.

And to create spaces where we can all teach each other the little gems that we learning
on the path to being
ACTUALISED in our vocation


What did you already know that you loved, when you were three or four years old?

  • Kate

    I love the image of you teaching seagulls. When I was four, I wanted to be a member of the A-Team…

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