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Ever tried sharing your heart on fb and been dissapointed when hardly any one notices?
I remember that when I started writing about my passion, I used to feel crushed because none of my friends noticed. I would write about my peak experiences, my questions on life and the universe, this spiritual high that had happened that had eclipsed my WHOLE life
and someone else’s dinner would get 200 likes while my everything, my little story of ALL THAT MATTERED TO ME would slip by just about unnoticed.
At first I thought it was me. I thought ‘I must be wrong’ or ‘I must be off track’
But my heart always whispered the same thing
My being stated ‘When you speak or think about this particular passion you are enlivened!’
It IS your calling, your gift, your PASSION.
At first it was really hard, it was like finding gold (not gold, but my own inner treasures) and excitedly wanting to shout out about it but having no one notice.
Gradually I learned two things:
1) Inner treasures are not lessened because those outside are not ready to hear them yet
2) Pouring your heart out on fb (without forethought on how to present it) is kind of like standing in a busy market place reading your latest love poem (Fb is a busy random place with people bustling everywhere with a zillion different intentions, and suffering information overload. I myself LOVE LOVE, but even I would only catch glimpses in the wind if someone read their poem in marketplace)
Basically I learned that, in order to grow my unique flame, my inner fire, I needed

So that’s what I do, I create audiences for sensitive souls and introverts. Places where people want depth and meaning BEFORE the small talk. Places where people get to speak their heart, and want to hear each other speak theirs :).

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