In Sensitive Souls

What would happen if you had an utterly attentive audience, devoted to seeing, and drawing out your light?

It happened for me, for one hour, 3 months ago and the floodgates opened. I began to speak about what I most wanted to create in the world, I stated it, I was seen and witnessed, and from there, an irreversible fountain had been acknowledged and cracked open. Natural steps continue to emerge as I am held by beautiful supports.

Not everyone has the funds to pay a coach for even one hour, (which was the thing which happened to lift the last little plug off my fountain), and really we need a whole support team, preferably often!

What if we could amplify, what great coaches can do, by creating an audience which actively seeks to see and celebrate, EVERY STEP, every utterance, WHATEVER the heart speaks, in full faith that this is what is REALLY required? Better than that, what if we could ‘GET OFF’ on seeing each other emerge into our shining light, experience the ecstasy and bliss that comes from seeing scales fall from hearts, and people being unlocked by the utterance of simple, real, truths. I want to create events which call us to love like this! Events which call us to love like a perfect mother, celebrating every step, every utterance (and also every silence!) with utter joy and without a skerrick of expectation (knowing that this fertile love is ALL that is required to raise the greatest seeds in our souls)

This is my intention behind Spoken Heart (which is incidentally the thing which birthed three months ago). We’ve started practising this process, (of an audience who loves and nurtures and teases each other forth) in my living room and it is exciting (I mean not just exciting, but exciting on a soul level). Our little team has forged ecstatic bonds, and, in the words of an attendee; ‘experienced the many little deaths of bliss’ which come with witnessing each other enter into new states of love and ecstasy.

I am excited about this process, and so are the beautiful friends who are co-creating it with me.

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