Coaching for Sensitive Souls

Would you like support as you step towards your full potential?

Tania is a qualified life coach and therapist. It is  her deepest passion to support people in harnessing their sensitivity as a powerful offering for the world.

Whether you would like to increase your confidence socially, identify your true passions and/ or to step out with a business or idea, Tania will gently enable and support this journey (scroll down for a video on ‘What it’s like to work with Tania’).

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Relationships Coaching

Tania walks her talk. She is now in a six year married relationship, which has many times been mistaken as a ‘newlywed’ relationship. She and her husband are recognised as beacons for powerful and solid long term relationship, within their local community. One of their greatest interests, is to discover the building blocks, which enable couples to have incredible relationships, day in and day out.

Whether you would like support nurturing your relationship within busy domestic life, or taking your relationship to the next level, Tania is a genuine resource who can help you transform your key relationship towards its full potential.

Tania believes that couples can use their relationship to enable rapid evolution towards their full potential. It is her life passion, to study this art, and make it readily accessible to those who wish to benefit from it.

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