Coaching for Sensitive Souls

Deep down, do you feel you have something more to offer in your life., something deeply aligned with your heart, your passion and your sensitivity?

Do you struggle to act on this due to your deep feelings of vulnerability and sensitivity?

Tania is a qualified life coach and therapist. It is  her deepest passion to support people in harnessing their sensitivity as a powerful offering for the world.

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A couple in love

Relationships Coaching

How do we create amazing, longevious and sexually alive relationships?

Whether you are dating, or currently in a relationship, Tania can support you to achieve an incredible level of sexual and emotional intimacy.

Tania has spent 20 years studying, and teaching relationship skills. As a professional therapist and coach, she can help you identify blocks to intimate relating, and find pathways to ever deeper levels of connection.


  • You've got a gift, its like you see 'the whole baby' (the whole of the person that is birthing) and you hold the pregnancy with patience rather than just in a heady, outcome focused way. Like a mother, one cell at a time

    Stacey Garza Business Consultant
  • Your gift is to drop people into their heart. Because of you, I've learned speak from my heart on social media and in emails, which has significantly increased the number of clients who come to me.

    Eyal Matsliah
  • "You've helped me shift out of an extended period of stagnation due to nerves and perfectionism. Your embodiment techniques, combined with your reassuring and gentle listening, empathy and supportive insights have assisted me in finding the confidence to believe in myself and the worthiness of what I have to offer the world. Feeling very grateful." (Individual Client)

    Lara Allaway Esspreciato
  • “I so loved working with Tania! She allowed me to move into the depths of my being in a way that I never had before and taught me that, that was okay. Almost a year later I still think of our session and try to incorporate what I learned into my life. I absolutely recommend her! ” (Individual Client)

    Margo James Tahoe Yoga and Wellness Centre
  • "I feel both uplifted, inspired and more empowered as you help me to refocus on and move towards what I love. By taking little practical steps, I feel more energised and distant dreams start to feel more real and in reach as you remind me of my successes. You have held a safe space for me as I emerge from a time of great upheaval, change and emotion. Thankyou. “ (Individual Client)

    Guy Simpson The Raw Food Guy
  • “Working with you has helped me find insight and meaning on my journey, and has helped me come to a place of empowerment. Thank you for your loving holding from week to week, and your gentle methods which helped me find my own insights and ways forward."

    Mother recovering from Domestic Violence
  • Thank you Tania for a wonderful session, really felt connected. I am feeling clearer than before, know exactly my goals and purposes. I am ready to take the next step with much more confidence! Thank you!

    Raid Rasheed Accountant
  • Just wanted to say thanks again Tania, you are a very good life coach – perceptive, inspiring, encouraging, genuine and practical!

    Pia Morley Inner Wild, Facilitator
  • Tania really helped me clarify some of the confusion I had about my goals. In one short session, she helped me see the situation from a different perspective that enabled me to reach different conclusions. Thank you!

    Yakov Rosenberg
  • Thank you Tania for your wonderful ability to hold space, & for so gently making the connection between my past reactions and what happens now- when I react the same way. I feel it has pointed out a block I can work with. I also feel that the tools we came up with to challenge my habits will be really useful to get my desired goals. I feel more clarity and a renewed sense of wanting to tackle this issue. Thank you again

    Olivia Vari
  • Thank you for everything Tania! You have a beautiful way of pulling out information within my soul that I can't see. The answers and guidance just flow out when we have our sessions and I am so greatful to have found you! We all have the answers inside of us, but sometimes it takes the right person to help pull them out to see more clearly. Thank you again for sharing your amazing gifts!

    Shannon Manier
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