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Until one day, we become too tired of shying away from what we want, that we then go straight to it, and knock on the door,

again surrendering to the reflex we are naturally born with

lips seeking

awaiting divine sustenance

no longer in anger
nor twisted fear of rejection

but simply asking, awaiting

humble and sacred

for our piece of the human pie



Every day I am reflecting on which of my decisions came from ‘I think I should’ and which came from the place of ‘I can’t not’. Theory is… if we set the inner horse free only for the untameable energy of, ‘can’t not’,
(rather than beating it in the quiet moments)
then we stay in touch with the limitless well.

then there’s no knowing ho high we’ll fly.
Our wildest dreams are merely the horizon.


I’m writing in pen again. Its funny, I’ve been writing in pencil in my journal for some time. I’m writing in pen again. The voice within is again getting louder. Not just a whisper for me, it want’s to speak, show, shine. We have waves don’t we, like the waves of the ocean, inner and outer shores. And each phase, each time is so tender and beautiful.

So important to love both the inner and outer phases, adore the tender places, because that is eventually where the great tsunami’s of bursting love are born, when they are ready to come out and shine

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