In Sensitive Souls

If it FEELS SIGNIFICANT FOR US, then it IS a significant achievement, so there!

Sometimes we judge ourselves for being sensitive over something that the world may consider a ‘small thing’, but we forget that, in facing this ‘small thing’, we are not just dealing with the ‘apparent circumstance’ , but we are actually in the middle of unraveling the emotional history we carry (and that our society carries) regarding this type of experience. And the insights we derive from this┬áimportant inner work, become an offering which can heal many, not just ourselves).

As sensitive souls, it is time that we gave each other the support we need, in order to get our beautiful light out there, our way!

Its not one or the other, we can be sensitive, and ROCK THIS WORLD!

So lets be that support for each other, tell it like it is, and free ourselves and each other with our honesty and love.

If you’d like to be part of a vibrant online community, click here to join our fb group: Sensitive Souls Empowering Each Other

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