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And what does Sex have to do with it?

My husband is a poet (well actually he’s a great writer, though its not his first love). Nevertheless, he said to me the other day, after I’d finished screaming a kaleidoscope of song in his ear ‘The instrument is tuned’

The Instrument Is Tuned.

And I felt he had stated in a nutshell, a great function of Sex.

Whether I’m about to spend my day managing my business, or parenting kids, I do my most soft hearted, insightful and aligned work when I am starry eyed and in a state of heart open ecstasy.

And one of my most direct doorways there, is love making.

What I’m saying is, its pretty hard to trip over into your parenting mean streak, or fall into a greed based business pursuit (or the other stress traps we ALL fall into.) when we’re brushing stray hair out of our face and feeling blissed out and in love.

I call this Applied Tantra. And for me its not about special positions or techniques, its about using desire and ecstasy to bring our soul home, right into our centre, right into our body, right into the drivers seat of our actions.

I’ll keep it short and sweet today. But people say ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. I say ‘A fuck a day keeps the therapist away’.

Good luck working out how to do that in your busy schedule.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am yet to perfect it when one of us has got full time work and hours of driving either side going on.

But it seems we’ve got enough in the bank, to keep us floating and in love, in the more stressed busy phases. And we know what we’re aiming for, to minimise admin and spend our lives actually EMBODYING the bliss that we want to offer others.

p.s. like where I put my signature?

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